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The continuous evolution of process technology and the increased integration capabilities of EDA tools allow designers to integrate more complex functions into the chip. Intellectual property (IP) continues to make influence the quality of design, time to market, and cost, making it an integral part of a product's competitive advantage.

VeriSilicon maintains high R&D investment to create a rich IP portfolio:

  • In-house Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) IP, Neural Network Processor (NPU) IP, Display Processor IP, Video Processor Unit (VPU) IP, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) IP, and Image Signal Processor (ISP) IP

  • A comprehensive analog semiconductor IP portfolio covers process nodes from 180nm to 7nm, as well as advanced ultra-low power analog IP solutions

  • A variety of digital-analog interface IP from 250nm to 5nm process nodes, including MIPI, USB, PCIE, etc.

  • A variety of ultra-low power RF IP, including low power Bluetooth (BLE) IP and narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) IP

  • Customized standard cell library for foundry processes

Coupled with our third-party IP partner eco-system, VeriSilicon brings advanced IP solutions to our customers.

Our IP portfolio is silicon proven, production proven and application proven. This demonstrates VeriSilicon's commitment to continually improve IP quality and strive for our customers' success.

  • Vivante® GPU IP

    VeriSilicon's scalable Vivante Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) IP Series can be used in a wide range of applications, from LPC (low-power-consumption) small IoT MCUs to powerful SoCs for automotive and computer applications.

  • Vivante® Display Processor IP

    VeriSilicon’s product-proven Vivante Display Processor IP Series offer display processing functionality including rotation, data formation conversion, HDR video processing and high-quality video scaling, as well as processes HDR layer and graphic layer composition to release high visual quality and reduce silicon power significantly.

  • Vivante® NPU IP

    VeriSilicon's Neural Network Processor (NPU) IP is a highly scalable, programmable computer vision and artificial intelligence processor that supports AI operations upgrades for endpoints, edge devices, and cloud devices.

  • Hantro® VPU IP

    VeriSilicon's Video Processor Unit (VPU) IP is a microprocessor IP for video codecs and video processing, with outstanding capabilities in supporting mainstream video formats, multi-core scalability, frame compression, encoding quality and bit rate control. It can be widely used in video surveillance, multimedia consumer products, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud service products, data centers, aerial photography, and recorders.


    VeriSilicon's programmable ZSP Digital Signal Processor IP is a series of processor cores optimized for signal processing computation and data streaming, for building cost effective embedded solutions for a wide range of applications, including audio, voice, imaging, vision, wireless connectivity, and power line communications fields.

  • Specialized Pixel Processing Unit IP

    VeriSilicon's specialized pixel processing unit IP, designed to provide specific pixel processing functions, combining with the company's key processor IPs including ISP IP, VPU IP, GPU IP, NPU IP, DSP IP and Display Processor IP to form subsystem solution.

  • Vivante® ISP IP

    VeriSilicon's Vivante Image Signal Processor (ISP) IP is the industry's leading full-featured ISP IP, providing professional high-quality pixel processing functions for mobile devices, video conferencing, video surveillance and automotive applications.

  • Analog and Mixed Signal IP

    After many years of internal development, VeriSilicon has established more than 1,500 analog and mixed signal IPs, including SoC foundation IP, data interface IP, human-machine interface IP, power management IP, cell library and storage IP.

  • RF IP

    VeriSilicon has developed a variety of ultra-low-power-consumption RF IP for IoT applications, including BLE 5.0, NB-IoT, 802.11x, and other standards. It has successfully verified tape-out on 22nm FD-SOI and other feature sizes.

  • Foundation IP

    VeriSilicon's foundry libraries (V.Libs) include a wide range of foundry specific semiconductor IP. V.Libs are optimized for specific processes and for different performance criteria (power, performance, area) and include the following IP types: standard cell libraries, I/O cell libraries and memory compilers.







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