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Energy efficient DSP with optimal balance between performance, power and area

VeriSilicon's programmable ZSP Digital Signal Processor IP is a series of processor cores optimized for signal processing computation and data streaming, for building cost effective embedded solutions for a wide range of applications, including audio, voice, imaging, vision, wireless connectivity, and power line communications fields. VeriSilicon's ZSP Series IP is optimized for different applications and can be used to match different PPA and system requirements.

VeriSilicon ZSP DSP IP product line and applications
VeriSilicon ZSP DSP IP product line and applications

Compatible, friendly and easy to integrate

VeriSilicon provides a complete range of DSP cores for different computing performance requirements, covering a wide range of applications from ultra-low power consumption (ULPC) to ultra-high performance, and providing customers with excellent scalability. The ZSP architecture ranges from the smallest MCU+DSP dual-tasking core to the multi-issue vector core. The ZSP cores also provide Z.Turbo coprocessor interface to facilitate hardware extensions and customized instructions for the DSP subsystem.

ZSP is a compiler-friendly architecture and considered the easiest to work with both at the software level as well as at the hardware level. ZSP’s compiler driven architecture offers an orthogonal instruction set that brings unrivaled ease in programming complex signal processing and control algorithms while achieving the best code density. This allows customers to bring efficient products to the market quickly.

ZSP cores are designed for effortless integration into customer SOCs. ZSP IP deliverables include an example system, a comprehensive set of reference peripherals, an integration test suite, software development tools, emulator drivers, and documentation to help users get to a quick start. ZSP cores are supported by VeriSilicon’s powerful, easy to use ZView IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is based on industry standard Eclipse and GNU. VeriSilicon also offers ZSP test chips and evaluation boards. A vast portfolio of Voice, Noise reduction, Speech recognition, Audio, Wireless connectivity application libraries are also available for ZSP cores. Numerous value-added ZSP partners build up an intact ZSP ecosystem providing strong supports for a broad range of ZSP applications.

All the Help You Need

Multiple value-added ZSP partners create an ecosystem providing strong support for a broad range of ZSP applications.

VeriSilicon operates globally and we are happy to meet you at any time to discuss your demand for DSP requirements.

Please feel free to contact us and submit your request online, or reach out to your nearest VeriSilicon sales office for making an appointment, or meet us at the next industry event.

  • ZSPNano

    ZSPNano is the perfect choice for Always ON applications involving sound detection, voice quality enhancement and command recognition. It is a tiny, energy efficient Digital Signal Processor Core for any MCU+DSP application. The compiler friendly architecture offers an orthogonal instruction set that greatly simplifies programming complex DSP algorithms and control code, with compact code density. ZSPNano is ideally suited for applications requiring programmable, yet energy efficient signal processing for Voice/Audio, Connectivity, Sensor and IoT solutions.

  • ZSPNano+

    ZSPNano+ is a small, energy efficient, Digital Signal Processor Core for high performance Voice/Audio/Wireless applications. The compiler friendly architecture offers an orthogonal instruction set that greatly simplifies programming complex DSP algorithms and control code, with compact code density.

  • ZSP5000H

    ZSP5000H is a programmable Vector Digital Signal Processor Core targeted for high performance Computer Vision and Image processing applications. The programmer friendly architecture offers an orthogonal instruction set that greatly simplifies programming complex Image processing algorithms as well as control code with a high-performance C/C++ compiler.

  • ZSP981

    ZSP981 offers the best performance balancing with power and area. It is ideal for complex signal processing algorithms for new and evolving wireless technologies such as LTE / LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac.

  • ZSP880

    ZSP880 is a combination of high performance and optimal power, suitable for complex signal processing and control tasks. It is an ideal processor core for mobile baseband processing in wireless handheld devices (3G, 4G), modem cards, home entertainment devices (e.g. DTV, HDTV, set-top boxes, Blu-ray DVD players).

  • ZSP VeriClear Audio

    VeriClear Audio (VCA) is a platform IP offering from VeriSilicon addressing the ultra low energy needs of Always-ON, high quality Voice/Audio processing for wearables and smart home devices.

  • Development Tools

    Today's System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designers face numerous design challenges. Reduced time-to-market force DSP-based designers to wrestle with increased functionality, verification and testing all on a condensed timetable.




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