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Home Company Press Release VeriSilicon and Google collaborate on the open-source Project Open Se Cura

VeriSilicon and Google collaborate on the open-source Project Open Se Cura


VeriSilicon’s open hardware platform facilitates the development of open-source software ecosystem

Shanghai, China, December 19, 2023--VeriSilicon (688521.SH)  today announced its collaboration with Google in support of the newly launched Project Open Se Cura, an open-source framework consisting of design tools and IP libraries, to accelerate the development of secure, scalable, transparent, and efficient Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. As part of the project infrastructure, VeriSilicon contributed its expertise in providing various IPs, low-power silicon design, Board Support Package (BSP), and commercialization.

Project Open Se Cura is equipped with an open-source, secure, low-power ambient perception and sensing system based on RISC-V ISA, including system management, machine learning and hardware root of trust functions. To facilitate industrialization, VeriSilicon provided a hardware platform for the project including SoC design, physical design, FPGA verification, board design, and chip production service. We also open sourced an ISP IP for this project. This enables developers to focus on specific application scenarios and conduct research and development and verification of related AI systems based on the hardware platform.

“The digital world generates a tremendous amount of data every day, requiring a large amount of AI computing power for processing with high security and privacy requirements as many personal data are involved.” Wayne Dai, Chairman, President, CEO of VeriSilicon, said, “VeriSilicon is delighted to participate in Google’s Project Open Se Cura and contribute to promoting the safe and energy-efficient deployment of distributed AI systems at the edge while further fulfilling our commitment of using open hardware platforms to facilitate the development of open-source software ecosystems.”

About VeriSilicon

VeriSilicon Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (VeriSilicon, 688521.SH) is committed to providing customers with platform-based, all-around, one-stop custom silicon services and semiconductor IP licensing services leveraging its in-house semiconductor IP. Under the unique "Silicon Platform as a Service" (SiPaaS) business model, depending on the comprehensive IP portfolio, VeriSilicon can create silicon products from definition to testing and packaging in a short time, and provides high-performance and cost-efficient semiconductor alternative products for fabless, IDM, system vendors (OEM/ODM), large internet companies and cloud service providers, etc. VeriSilicon's business covers consumer electronics, automotive electronics, computer and peripheral, industry, data processing, Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications.

VeriSilicon presents a variety of customized silicon solutions, including high-definition video, high-definition audio and voice, in-vehicle infotainment, video surveillance, IoT connectivity, smart wearable, high-end application processor, video transcoding acceleration and intelligent pixel processing, etc. In addition, VeriSilicon has six categories of in-house processor IPs, namely GPU IP, NPU IP, VPU IP, DSP IP, ISP IP and Display Processor IP, as well as more than 1,500 analog and mixed signal IPs and RF IPs.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, VeriSilicon has 7 design and R&D centers in China and the United States, as well as 11 sales and customer service offices worldwide. VeriSilicon currently has more than 1,800 employees.

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