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Home Company In the News SILTERRA Unveils 180nm Ultra Low Leakage Technology To Position in IoT Sensor Hub IC Market

SILTERRA Unveils 180nm Ultra Low Leakage Technology To Position in IoT Sensor Hub IC Market


Partnering with VeriSilicon Holdings to offer complete Physical IP Solutions in SilTerra IoT platform

Kulim, Malaysia, Sep 6, 2017 - SilTerra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian home grown leading semiconductor wafer foundry, today unveiled its latest 0.18-micron CMOS based Ultra Low Leakage (180nm ULL) process technology. Together with its partner, VeriSilicon Holdings Co Ltd, to jointly announce the release of 180nm ULL physical IP design kit to serve the fast growing Internet-Of-Things (IoT) Sensor Hub IC market application.

SilTerra's 0.18-micron ULL technology offers its thin gate CMOS devices with extreme low leakage current, which is 95% less than the generic 0.18-micron CMOS device leakage current. The merit of designing with ultra low leakage CMOS device is to prolong the battery life of the IoT edge devices, such as Smart Metering, Temperature / Humidity Sensor, RF Proximity Tag, Smart lighting, Smart Tag / Beacon as well as wearable sport gadgets.

This technology is developed with reduced process masking steps and supported with multi-Vt options which enable our customers to optimize their chip design for performance and power consumption.

The 180nm ULL technology features the smaller and silicon proven 2.97μm2 6TSRAM bitcell which is suitable for the high density embedded memory design. In addition, the technology offers modular process option such as RFCMOS passive and active devices, as well as embedded Flash memory, which is ideal for single System-On-Chip (SoC) solution for IoT sensor hub IC design.

To align with SilTerra 180nm ULL technology launched, VeriSilicon releases the full package of ultra low power physical IP design kit which includes 7-tracks standard cell library, Memory compilers and Programmable Circuit Under Pad (CUP) IO library. The silicon validated design kit would enable customer to shorten design cycle time and lowering the design risk.

"Internet of Things (IoT) is the next innovation wave that is going to reinvent every industry of our world, with 50 billion IoT devices expected to be deployed by 2020. SilTerra has been very focused in developing technology roadmap and IPs to help our customers design critical IoT building blocks such as microcontrollers (MCU), sensors (MEMS), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Today I am pleased to announce the release of SilTerra 0.18-micron ULL technology and its associated PDK and IP's specially for customers who need extreme low power and cost effective technology based on SilTerra's mature, proven, high-volume 0.18-micron technology platform to design IoT applications such as remote sensors, wearable, smart meters, and low-power embedded systems. We believe this platform provides the best cost/performance and time to market advantage to our customers to accelerate their business in the fast growing IoT market." quoted Yit Loong Lai, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing of SilTerra.




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