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Highly efficient 6-issue, DSP core with vector processing

ZSP981 offers the best performance balancing with power and area. It is ideal for complex signal processing algorithms for new and evolving wireless technologies such as LTE / LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac.

6 issue superscalar DSP core
Scalar and 4 Vector Units
Upto 77 billion MACs per second at 1.2 GHz
Compatible with previous generation ZSP cores
Instruction set optimized for vector processing applications
Vectorizing compiler
Custom Instruction support using high performance, high bandwidth ZTurbo coprocessor ports
4GW addressable space
Tightly coupled Instruction and Data memory
High performance Instruction and Data caches
AXI interface
Multiple low power modes of operation
Integrated low latency interrupt controller, timers, DMA and other peripherals
Based on scalable ZSP superscalar architecture – reuse software as application evolves
Compiler friendly architecture - orthogonal instruction set
Very good code density
Optimal balance of performance, power and area to meet the most stringent application requirements
Easy to use, easy to program
Broad portfolio of optimized field proven application software, cutting edge development tools, complete ecosystem and exceptional services to help users from concept to market

ZView Development Tools

The ZSP981 is supported by VeriSilicon’s powerful, easy to use ZView IDE that is based on industry standard Eclipse and GNU tools. ZView also includes a vectorizing compiler, fast cycle accurate simulator and profiling & data graphing tools that help reduce time to market.

VeriSilicon also offers ZSP test chips and evaluation boards. ZSP cores are also supported by third party vendors providing RTOS and ESL tools.

Application Software

A set of wireless signal processing libraries optimized on ZSP981 are also available to help users reduce their time to market. Software deliverables are complete with API specification and example usage so developers can focus their resources on system level integration. Software includes various DSP libraries, Voice codecs, Audio codecs, Voice and Audio pre-processing and post-processing functions, application framework etc.

Support & Services

The ZSP981 core is available for licensing. Deliverables include a fully synthesizable design, ZView tools and relevant application software.

VeriSilicon has offices worldwide with very experienced support engineers to help with any issue related to ZSP hardware or software deliverables.

VeriSilicon also offers hardware and software design services as part of its Design/Turnkey services.




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