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Hantro VC8000E Multi-format Video Encoder IP

Hantro VC8000E allows 4K encoding with a minimal silicon single-core solution that supports HEVC and H.264 video formats. HEVC / H264 multi-core solutions can also be used, which can reach 8K@30fps (dual-core).

VeriSilicon's Hantro VC8000E is based on silicon-proven designs deployed in millions of smartphones, feature phones, digital still cameras, tablets, set-top boxes, surveillance cameras and video cameras worldwide. Hantro VC8000E provides semiconductor manufacturers with a minimal risk solution for integrating high-performance video capability into their chips.

Hantro VC8000E

HEVC Main10, Main and Main Still Profile, level 5.1
H.264 Baseline, Main and High, High10 level 5.2
JPEG encoder 32Kx32K max resolution
HEVC/H264 Support up to 4K@60fps performance single-core
8K@30fps or 4K@120fps with two cores
JPEG Support up to 4K@200fps performance single-core
Ultra-low CPU load
completely offloads the system CPU
Low power design
Module level clock gating and register level clock gating when synthesis
High DRAM latency resilience
supports NoCs with up to 500 clock cycle latency
Major optional features
B-frame support for higher compression rates
Reference Frame Compression
10bits encoding, HDR10
Flexible for multi-format encoding
Unified architecture for HEVC/H264/JPEG encoders, achieving competitive die area
Cover wide range of markets
Configurable on quality level
Configurable on feature set
Configurable on different performance
controllable balance between performance/quality
Best balance between PPA and video quality for different targets
Extendable arch for future enhancement
Deep integrated HEVC/H.264 in same architecture
Single Core to Support 4K60fps, 8K Camera System
Leading in PPA/Die Area for high performance solution.
Best in Class Video Quality with emphasis on quality at lower bit rates.
User Controlled Intelligent Encoding
Highly configurable and scalable solution to best address multiple end product needs.

Video FormatsHEVC only, +H264, +JPEG. Or standalone JPEG encoder
Bit-depth 8-bit, 8/10bits
DDR interfaceLossless reference frame compression, and Resolution adaptive line buffer management for BW saving
DEC400 & L2-Cache integration
Configurable bus burst size
Async. AXI bus clock
32/64 bits DDR address space
Throughput/DieArea VCMD solution can greatly decrease SW workload, improve throughput for small resolutions application.
4K@30fps, 4K@60fps, 4K@120fps and 8K


RGB-to-YUV color conversion

LatencySuper low latency line buffer
input mode, 64 lines delay for input
Encoding toolsB Frame support for HEVC/H264
CTU/MB RC to control bit rate accuracy
JPEG lossless, JPEG422
HEVC/H264 MB statistics reporting 
ROI-map: qp offset range extend to +/- 32
IPCM rectangle and IPCM map mode
Gray picture encoding for HEVC/H264/JPEG
Configurable ME search range
Global Motion Vector setting
SSIM HW engine
TU32x32 support




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