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SoC Turnkey Service

VeriSilicon's digital platform department mainly focuses on spec-in projects, which include SoC (system-on-a-chip) design, FPGA prototype to ASIC design, key digital IP (intellectual property) design, and mixed signal IP design.

The department includes several SoC teams and an FPGA prototyping/testing board validation team. The diagram shows a typical spec-in SoC design flow at VeriSilicon.

SoC Design Flow

As the flow illustrates, VeriSilicon addresses every stage of chip design and provide service from spec to mass production. This flow is already proven and delivered in many real turn-key service projects.

VeriSilicon has developed several SoC design platforms based on mainstream CPUs such as ARM-based, Power PC-based, MIPS-based, ZSP-based, 8051-based and others.

In addition to design platforms, VeriSilicon also provides various application platforms, such as multi-media, security, monitor, gaming and mobile. With mature verification flow based on system Verilog and FPGA platforms, we offer thorough pattern coverage, which ensures customers can design their application software at chip design stage to verify the design works as expected.

VeriSilicon also provides a service to support customers with design function validation boards, developing and cooperating with customers to test/debug the chip.