IP Portfolio

Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are specialized processors optimized for signal processing computations and data flow. VeriSilicon’s ZSP Digital Signal Processor cores strike the perfect balance between performance, power consumption and cost for a wide range of applications including Audio, Voice and Wireless. There are multiple ZSP cores available to match the different PPA and system requirements of different applications. The choice of scalable ZSP cores also enable customers to easily evolve as the application demands change.

VeriSilicon's innovative ZSP technology has been a key enabler for more than a billion consumer products shipping to date. VeriSilicon offers multiple compatible DSP cores that scale from the ultra low energy ZSPneo to the ultra high performance ZSP981. The cores range from a basic MCU + DSP core to six issue superscalar vector cores capable of doing up to 128 macs/cycle. The cores are also extendable via ZSP’s ZTurbo interface to accommodate customer defined hardware and instructions.

ZSP is a compiler friendly architecture and is considered the easiest to work with both at the software level as well as at the hardware level. ZSP’s compiler driven architecture offers an orthogonal instruction set that brings unrivaled ease in programming complex signal processing and control algorithms while keeping code density to a minimum. This allows customers to bring efficient products to the market quickly.

ZSP cores are designed for effortless integration into customer SOCs. Deliverables include an example system, a comprehensive set of peripherals, integration tests, tools, drivers, and documentation to help users get to a quick start. ZSP cores are supported by VeriSilicon’s powerful, easy to use ZView IDE that is based on industry standard Eclipse and GNU. VeriSilicon also offers ZSP test chips and evaluation boards and has a strong ecosystem of value-added partners that help ZSP support a broad range of applications. A vast portfolio of Voice, Noise reduction, Speech recognition, Audio, Wireless connectivity application libraries are also available for ZSP cores.